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Founded in 1993, Apogee Corporation Limited has a rich history of providing managed services to organisations of all shapes and sizes which has transformed Apogee into one of Europe’s largest providers of technology, software, services and solutions. Alongside continuous growth over the years, Apogee aims to build its knowledge and contribution to society through a variety of initiatives. This has become a particular area of focus within the organisation over the past 3-5 years. Providing an environment for our people and our clients to feel part of this journey is imperative for our success. We are committed to making a positive difference in everything we do and below details some of the initiatives in place to ensure we achieve our objectives whilst our strategy remains focused on making a positive contribution to society.

To be successful we strongly believe our people must live and breathe the same passion and desire to make a positive contribution. ‘Team Apogee’ is built on our core values which are engrained in our DNA. One of our core objectives is for all our employees to understand the true meaning of these values and the benefits they will deliver to themselves, our clients and society. 

The overriding objective for Apogee is to make a positive contribution to society by implementing an effective CSR strategy that all our employees believe in and strive to help us accomplish. The areas highlighted below are our main areas of immediate focus and demonstrate some of our achievements to date alongside ongoing programmes to enable us to achieve success and make that positive contribution.

Apogee doing charity work

1. Our People:

We are proud of our people and are committed to promoting a positive health, safety and wellbeing culture. All employees have 24/7 access to our Employee Assistance Programme and we run a number of events throughout the year to support the wellbeing of our staff. These include charity fun runs, the Apogee Around the World Challenge, Challenge 44 in partnership with HP, and a Cycle2Work scheme plus many, many more. Do keep an eye on our social media to see what other events and supporting initiatives we run.

Apogee believe only the highest performing teams are those teams who maximise the power of different opinions, perspectives and cultural references. Leveraging diversity is one of the ways we will gain that advantage. When we act on our commitment to diversity, we maximise the power of our differences to achieve better business results, for ourselves and for our clients. 

The Training & Development of our people is critical for not only the business to succeed but for the personal development and empowerment of individuals. We have invested significant amounts of funding into our Learning & Development strategy which includes revamped engineer courses, supporting chartered institute of marketing qualifications, management training and a brand new sales development programme. For more information please contact our HR Team today.

Apogee playing a charity football match
Apogee's core service offerings with client's in the middle

2. Our Clients:

Our clients are at the core of everything we do, and we ensure all our technology, software, solutions and services are designed with our client in mind. The quality of our services is what differentiates Apogee from the competition delivering a range of benefits to organisations of from all sectors.

The feedback we gain from our clients ensures we are continuously learning and improving the way we deliver to our clients. This is also promoted through a monthly internal ‘Service Excellence’ newsletter that highlights the very best feedback we receive each month. Employees are rewarded for their excellence as we will always celebrate their hard-work and commitment to our clients. Our Trustpilot page is an alternative platform where we actively encourage all clients to leave open and honest feedback about their Apogee experience.


Apogee's print releaf approach to creating a sustainable future

3. Our Environment:

The vision of Environmental Sustainability in Apogee is to create a net positive impact on the environment and for stakeholders within our value chain, whilst providing leadership on sustainability for the managed workplace services industry in Europe. We have identified a number of goals which can be found in our Sustainability report and some of the key initiatives to help us achieve those include; a new ‘War on Waste’ campaign to drive better recycling behaviours internally and joining the HP Partner Recycling Programme for our clients ensuring we achieve resource efficiency and waste minimisation.

Other initiatives include; energy and carbon reduction with a net zero strategy to decarbonise the business by 2030, biodiversity and heritage enhancement, pollution prevention programmes, water use reduction and to host more environmental sustainability events such as Tree Planting through PrintReleaf.

Click here for more information about Sustainability at Apogee
Apogee supporting the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

4. Our Communities & Society

One area of particular focus for Apogee Corporation Limited is investing more and doing more with local communities outside the workplace. We currently run a number of charitable events internally and arrange a host of informal team events like annual football matches, Rounder in the Parks, team building exercises and reserving some places in the London Marathon through our official partnership.

Our aim is to take what we do so well with our employees in to the community. In September 2021 we have committed to joining the ‘British Beach Clean-up’ with a number of employees heading to a couple of UK coasts to pick up litter for the day. We will then run this twice a year going forward. We have also recently committed to sponsoring a number of local sports team including investing in the build of a large 3G sports pitch in the community near to one of our main offices. We are excited to share more news on these initiatives as we continue to invest and make a positive difference in the coming months and years.

Apogee's approach to Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity

5. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Apogee believes that for businesses to innovate and grow, they must maximise the power of different opinions, perspectives, and cultural references. At Apogee, we know that when we act on our commitments to equity, diversity and inclusion, we utilise the strength found in our differences and, as a result, deliver excellent standards for our clients.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are woven into our core values and are an integral part of the Apogee DNA. We firmly believe ‘Team Apogee’ must live and breathe the same passion and desire to make a positive contribution and genuinely understand the meaning of these values and the benefits they deliver to themselves, our clients, and society.

  • Fostering a working environment free from bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and where individual differences and the contributions of all employees are recognised and valued.

  • Creating opportunities for learning, development and progression for all employees, who will be supported and encouraged to develop their full potential, so their talents can be fully maximised.

  • Taking seriously complaints of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination by fellow employees, clients, suppliers, visitors, the public and any others in the course of the organisation’s work activities.

  • Monitoring the make-up of the workforce to facilitate equality, diversity and inclusion and the effectiveness of our supporting policies and procedures.

Sustainability is a paramount part of apogee and how we work with our clients
Apogee is awarded the HP Partner Sustainability Impact Award

8. Our Awards

  • HP Partner Sustainable Impact Awards – 4 STAR
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