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17 January 2023
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11 January 2023

Judge & Priestley LLP

With a selection of upgraded MFDs, Judge & Priestley benefitted from significantly reduced print costs, improved security, and simplified workflows.


"Apogee has delivered on cost savings, and we are becoming smarter in how we deal with documents. Wastage has been reduced and workflows have streamlined."

– Judge & Priestley LLP representative

The Background

Judge & Priestley has been an Apogee client for over a decade with various improvements made over the years from the original state of relying on a high number of desktop printers. More recently, Judge & Priestley has been keen to take a smarter approach to the management of their documentation.

With reliability vital, Judge & Priestley needed to upgrade the majority of its devices, which had been in place for around 5 years. Coupled with this, the firm was keen to reduce costs, improve client cost allocation, and focus on print and scanning workflows to decrease waste and improve efficiency.



The Solution

As part of the latest round of improvements, the Apogee Professional Services team visited the client’s offices and reviewed the existing infrastructure and equipment. The completion of a full and detailed analytical assessment has identified a number of areas for potential enhancement.

By gaining a deep understanding of the company’s workflows, printing habits and office environment, Apogee recommended a range of developments that would deliver a broad variety of cost and efficiency improvements.


The Outcome

With a selection of upgraded MFDs, Judge & Priestley can be fully confident of maximum device uptime, backed up by Apogee support, and significantly reduced print costs. The introduction of new print management software also enables Judge & Priestley to accurately allocate document costs to clients’ cases, and has significantly enhanced document security, reduced waste printing and cut print costs.

A range of printing and scanning workflows have been streamlined, with one individual scanning process benefitting from a 70% reduction in manual effort, through intelligent workflow design.



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