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Print costs reduced by 20% with more reliable and efficient print infrastructure and enhanced document security

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Company Profile
  • Company Name: McDonalds
  • Sector: Hospitality 
  • Solutions Provided: Managed Print Services
The Background

McDonald’s came to Apogee with various problems regarding their print infrastructure. Most importantly they were facing high print costs and an unacceptable level of waste printing, contradicting the company’s focus on corporate social responsibility and environmental issues.

The other major problem was that there was a multitude of varying print schemes throughout the head offices that needed sorting and alerting so that the business could run more efficiently.

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The Solution

With McDonalds’ environmentally focussed CSR in mind, Apogee performed a complex and detailed assessment of printing habits, devices, and document volumes. This analysis identified a number of ways in which costs could be cut, and print waste reduced.

Apogee then proposed a solution to address all of the client’s needs, with specific devices selected that would allow McDonald’s to meet its printing demands. Apogee also suggested that the company could benefit from ‘Follow-me’ printing, both in terms of enhancing security, and reducing waste output.

The Outcome

By replacing a number of printers with 28 brand new multifunctional devices, McDonald’s now has a more reliable and efficient print infrastructure, with costs firmly under control. The print solutions in place also provide McDonald’s with the ability to focus on improving other areas of the business.

New document security software, tailored to meet the client’s needs, has helped to dramatically reduce waste. Support for all software and devices is being provided by an onsite contract manager and a further 8 operatives.

“We gave Apogee the opportunity to deliver on its proposal, and deliver it has. Our print costs have been cut, and we have significantly reduced document waste, all thanks to Apogee and their recommended solutions. The proposed solution has been entirely supported by a team of Apogee technicians at every single stage”.
– McDonalds representative
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