A Quick Guide to Outsourced Document Services

Outsourcing any element of your business is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Weighing up the advantages and any potential downfalls of outsourcing is key to ensuring that the outcome is beneficial to and profitable for your business in the long run.

Document management can improve your organisation's operational efficiency.

When you’re juggling multiple deadlines and overseeing numerous different processes it can often feel like there are not enough hours in the day. With small tasks such as printing, storing & filing documents and sending post seeming like minor aspects of your business, the hours actually start adding up, with users not realising how much time is spent doing admin tasks.

What is Outsource Document Services?

According to TechTarget, Outsourced Document Services can be defined as, “Outsourcing is a business practice in which a company hires a third-party provider to perform tasks, handle operations or provide services for the company. The outside company, which is known as the service provider, arranges for its own workers or computer systems to perform the tasks or services either on site at the hiring company's own facilities or at external locations.”

In short, outsourcing aspects of your business with a document management provider for services such as document shredding, storage, printing, mail optimisation and imaging can free up your business processes in a cost-effective manner, letting you focus on your main business goals and strategies.

As businesses begun to operate more effectively away from the traditional office at the start of 2020, the ability to adopt an on-demand outsourced document service only complements remote working business strategies better than ever before. Staff still need to print, access documents, send and receive mail and do many more everyday tasks remotely which became apparent after transitioning to flexible working.

How can it benefit your organisation?

Streamlining processes and operations throughout your organisation will naturally deliver a cost-saving and most importantly deliver efficiencies. But Outsourcing Document Services is far more than just looking at your print operation.

As businesses have discovered throughout the recent pandemic, certain processes and operations actually work more effectively and efficiently when they are outsourced. This has encouraged a much bigger adoption and demand for ‘digital processes’ as businesses take the first steps on their Digital Transformation journey, already witnessing the benefits of increased efficiencies and security.

Whilst the demand for outsourcing has increased over the past few months it is essential businesses remain compliant and secure so always look for the usual assurances when selecting your partner.

Document management can improve your organisation's operational efficiency.

What are the key benefits of an Outsourced Document Service?

Cost Effective

Rationalising your list of outsourcing providers and undertaking regular cost appraisals will reduce spending. It is far more cost effective to use a small, well managed list of preferred suppliers, or even one single supplier with the coverage and expertise to handle all your outsourcing requirements.

More Efficient

The procurement and management of the entire document outsourcing process will be more efficient when properly optimised. Staff will be aware of who to contact, the typical project lead times and have a clear pricing structure to help allocate budgets accordingly.

More Secure

Following the GDPR legislation and heavy penalties being imposed, it is more crucial than ever that all organisations understand how their data is being used and managed by outsource providers. Reducing the number of document outsourcing suppliers will ensure less governance and compliance around data usage. It will also mean your data is sent to, and stored by, fewer companies, reducing security concerns and breach potential.

Reliability and Peace of Mind

Being let down by a document outsourcing provider can cause a huge impact on an organisations operations, whether it be producing marketing materials for a big event or scanning large volumes of documents for a legal case. Outsource companies who operate 24/7 can help ease the stress of meeting tight deadlines.

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