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With over 67% of senior IT leaders wanting to focus more of their teams time and resources on supporting strategic initiatives, imaging devices is one of the most time consuming and ineffective use of their time. And also one of the most simple to outsource to the right partner. Device productivity is critical for all organisations so is it time you gained some valuable time back?

Imaging Services - HP laptop with Windows 10

Benefits of Imaging Services

  • Fully customisable imaging service to suit any organisation

  • Systems arrive imaged and pre-configured with minimal to no further customisation required

  • Save time with asset tagging prior to delivery

  • Direct engineer-to-customer relationship for scope, preparation, and proof of concept consultation

  • Eliminate defective and DOA (dead on arrival) devices and associated RMAs

  • Reduce application installation and system deployment time and expense in-house

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Imaging Services - 2 people round HP laptop
Applying and building a customer image

Apogee’s IT Imaging Services offers users the option for our configuration experts to install your own pre-existing customised operating system (OS) together with your required software applications. This effectively enables users to experience a ‘plug in and play’ approach.  

Alternatively, our configuration experts will build you a master image expanding the Windows 10 OEM image with your corporate policy standards, settings, and applications to your purchased desktops and notebooks.

Each device goes through comprehensive quality control to provide an accurate, reliable outcome. On this note, Apogee’s successful ISO certification reflects the quality of our operations, from the overall quality, environmental practices and security. We can help ensure your systems have the correct BIOS settings, OS settings and versions of applications. In addition, to save your time we can apply asset tags, box labels and provide asset reports, providing your organisation with business-ready systems.

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Imaging Services - 3 HP laptops with Windows 10
Imaging in more detail

Our guarantee is quality assurance. Apogee has a team of engineers, technicians and team leaders trained for small and large scale image deployments. Customer specific deployment instructions are strictly followed to ensure your devices are imaged and configured your way. Each device goes through a comprehensive quality control process that includes QC checks by the primary configuration technician and a second QC technician.

Upon completing the imaging and configuration process the technology is stored at our facilities or yours. Many customers with multiple office locations find it convenient to store their order with Apogee and stage the deliveries in a phased approach in coordination with the deployment schedule. By offloading this process Apogee will schedule deliveries, confirm configurations and test the hardware, build and install software images, and deliver the products to the end users’ desk.

Leverage the expertise of Apogee’s Configuration Services team to keep your IT projects on schedule and to help you reduce deployment time and increasing your ROI.

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Case Study - The Sedbury Trust

In a world where time is more precious than ever, Apogee were able to provide a bespoke solution to address The Sedbury Trust's current IT pain points. The Sedbury Trust have gained countless hours of productivity by outsourcing the imaging and deployment of all their devices to a number of children in their care.

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