Transformative Education IT Solutions

At Apogee, we curate IT solutions for the Education industry to improve the efficiency of our clients’ operations and help them adapt to an increasingly digital landscape.

The Education Sector Challenges

Every educational authority and institution has security and governance high on their agenda, but achieving this requires more than just preparation and digital innovation.

  • Maximising precious resources and tracking costs effectively is fully dependent on efficient digital technologies that can help manage budgets accurately.
  • The student is the customer; legacy IT equipment can hinder productivity and disrupt learning, so utilising the latest technologies to prepare the next generation is paramount.
  • Creating the best learning experience and attracting students requires digital innovation, which is difficult to roll out cost-effectively with multiple service providers.
  • Ensuring student safety is necessary. There needs to be uncompromising respect for personal data privacy, which should be reflected in all digital solutions utilised.

Our Education Expertise

As an approved supplier on multiple Public Sector purchasing frameworks, we can provide a tailored provision of Managed Workplace Services that ensures the safety of your students in this digital world. Having worked with schools, universities, and colleges with unique and challenging requirements we understand the importance of keeping costs low, maximising budgets and tightening security.

Across the Education sector, we are helping transform our clients' operations to continuously improve efficiency, and adapt to an increasingly digital world. By eliminating manual and repetitive tasks and enhancing productivity, we can help focus on digitising the things that matter most.


“Apogee provided us with an Outsourced Print solution where our documents are uploaded via a job ticketing portal. The jobs are printed at Apogee premises where their staff are happy to go the extra mile to ensure quality and timeliness. The jobs are returned within SLA agreed timelines to our post room.”

– Liverpool John Moores University Representative

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