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Communication is key in business, and keeping your physical lines of communication flowing cannot be forgotten when your staff are working remotely or been a hybrid model of office and home. By digitising your mail ‘at the letterbox’ our Digital Mail Room solutions start your organisation on its journey to a more streamlined, smart and digital approach to your mail and postal processes.

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  • Easy setup freeing up more time for your staff

  • Reduce/remove any incoming & outgoing mail processing costs

  • Quick distribution to all locations

  • Added security thanks to clear responsibilities and traceability

  • Greater geographical, cultural, and workforce diversity

  • Drive towards clear, concise, rapid communications for all users

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Why change what’s always worked?

The world has gone digital, and there’s no going back. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and they use them every day to help make decisions, find brands to buy from or learn more about a product.

While this may all sound like great changes, it presents some unique challenges for organisations that are looking to go digital. Businesses are often slow to change, and many of the evolutions that come quickly through our digital world don’t come easily or cheaply to an organisation. People are one of the pillars of your business. You can’t accomplish your goals without the support of the entire organisation, or at least most of them. And while employees are often the reason for a change in organisations, they can at times be a huge drawback.

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Your own digital inbox

The digital inbox is not only an advantage when it comes to distributing traditional post to various locations, but also enables more and more employees who are working from mobile locations, to access their post document anywhere. With digital mail, long wait times are a thing of the past. Employees are now accustomed to being able to access 99% of their workload remotely due to the pressures of the pandemic. Receiving your mail is now no different.  

That better way is digitisation — moving from slow, inefficient, paper-based systems to fast, streamlined, digital workflows. Digitising your business processes makes sense — the benefits go beyond just saving money and lowering waste, and touch on many other areas including productivity, employee engagement, communications, and more.

As workforces become more scattered, it’s important to ensure your business processes and documents can be accessed from anywhere. Ideally, employees should be able to access all their work-related information through a dedicated workforce app so they can be truly location-independent.

Case Study - Howard Kennedy

Howard Kennedy were delighted with the installation of large mail and post room devices, overall rationalising their mail operations. The in-house postal department has been outsourced, with Apogee providing dedicated staff to ensure smooth postal processes.

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