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17 January 2023
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17 January 2023

Activate Learning

Apogee delivered and installed a new fleet of 80 HP devices over three colleges, with a document management systems embedded within.


The Background

Activate learning were a newly formed group of colleges which had differing solutions over 6 locations. With no synchronisation between their ticketing system, it created inefficiencies in students and teachers printing experiences. 

Different systems and devices also meant it was it difficult to control printing costs and maintenance processes, potentially leading to unnecessary maintenance costs due to multiple suppliers. Activate Learning reached out for a solution as they needed to manage all devices and processes under one umbrella and provide a unified experience; to consolidate their three print rooms into one.


The Solution

Within just 6 days, Apogee delivered and installed a new fleet of 80 HP devices over 3 colleges, as well as a document management system. As a result, the group had a unified ticket system, allowing students and teachers to submit jobs quickly. Along with easy usability, governing bodies could also receive reports for all device activity, giving them greater visibility on efficiencies and costs.

Apogee rationalised the three print rooms into one with the introduction of two production print devices. In addition, Apogee offered Activate Learning an outsourced document service - therefore, if the reduction in print rooms created a high volume of print, Apogee’s ODS team would ensure that print jobs were completed and delivered through a 24 hour service.

Apogee offered bespoke solutions; including maps on devices to show where printers are located, and to recommend printers that can do specific print jobs. Extensive training was provided by Apogee’s Professional Services team to ensure the devices and software were being optimised.


The Outcome

The most profound outcome of the solution was a one unified experience between all campuses. Students and staff can now travel between locations and have the exact same print experience whilst having full understanding on the process. Engineers can maintain and service the devices easier which ensures minimal downtime for students.



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