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17 January 2023
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Go Live Group

Go Live Group selects Apogee to improve their sustainability impact through the implementation of greener graphics initiative.


“Apogee are not just a printing company, they consult with us and go on to deliver a full end to end service from concept to installation. They go above and beyond and we look forward to continuing our journey with them.”

– Go Live Group representative

The Background

Small and large format printing and installation was previously one key area where Go Live Group felt they needed specific industry expertise.

Following a long term relationship, they trusted in Apogee for a collaborative print partnership where they were able to outsource niche client proposals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Apogee’s London based outsource print facilities.

A key aspect of Go Live Group’s brand values encompasses the opportunity to provide clients with materials from a sustainable source. Apogee were extremely keen to support this initiative and were able to offer specialist knowledge on this area of printing on reusable and recycled materials, such as using eco-friendly cardboard over foamex, as it aligned with their own CSR commitments.


The Solution

Apogee supplied Go Live Group with a ‘match box’ full of different materials that they were able to print on. Being able to let their clients see and feel the exact materials that were going to be at their event was a huge win for them.

The impact of print at events is crucial and Apogee’s ability to deliver an end-to-end solution that goes beyond print was a key factor in Go Live Group partnering with Apogee. Their reputation of rapid and accurate print, delivery and install gave GLG the confidence to provide unique event spaces.

From bespoke one on one meets to taking over entire venues, Go Live Group continue to deliver eye catching events to all their clients, transforming spaces and giving a unique experience to their client.


The Outcome

Working collaboratively, they were able to take an initial idea or event concept and truly bring it to life. Go Live often provided the initial concept and relied on Apogee’s creative design team to re-work and fit within the desired venue for maximum impact.

This provided clients with an enhanced end-to-end events solution and meant the events agency were able to lean on Apogee for all different possible print, design and installation requests.

Apogee have now become an extension of the Go Live Group team and have aided them in delivering that creative events experience locally and globally, whilst aligning with their green objectives.



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