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17 January 2023
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17 January 2023

Swindon Borough Council

Hybrid Mail Solution Enables Swindon Borough Council to Print & Post Documents at the Touch of a Button


“The first mailing was a bit scary but it went without a hitch and provided the perfect case study to prove to the wider business why they should make the switch.”

– Swindon Borough Council Representative

The Background

Swindon Borough Council has a responsibility to taxpayers to ensure that they spend all income in the most effective way possible, whilst protecting front-line services.

To do this, the council looked at reducing costs associated with preparing and printing documents and letters.

A whopping 250,000 letters a year are sent out by employees, meaning a secure and company-wide solution was imperative.

For the new cost-saving solution to affect a behaviour change in employees, it needed to be user-friendly so that it could be easily adopted in their day-to-day roles.


The Solution

Swindon Borough Council opted for a hybrid mail solution from Apogee. The solution provides a secure and accredited service that enables users to print and post letters at the touch of a button from their PC – wherever they may be. Each department is now able to produce as many documents as they like for a fixed price per letter.

The new system really came into its own when the council launched their end-of-year mailers. The series of mailers are the council’s biggest single communication that goes out to all customers and because they include important information such as tenant notices and rent cards, there is no margin for missed deadlines.

Philip Murkin, Chief Digital Officer at Swindon Borough Council explained, “It’s a project that typically takes two staff a week but by using the hybrid mailing system, the whole process was completed in a few hours”.


The Outcome

The council were thrilled to be able to demonstrate the cost and time savings that were achieved through using hybrid mail to their employees.

It is easy to forget that sending out a letter or document is not just about the print and postage cost. The process also takes someone’s time and effort to order paper, envelopes, and ink, receive the consumables when they come in, deliver them around the campus and refill the machines.

Then there’s the added investment in equipment such as printers and enclosing machine, franking, and the bagging. In the last 14 months the council have put over 155,000 letters through the hybrid mail solution, saving the equivalent of four months of staff time.

Ultimately, the solution enabled them to make cost and time savings where needed as well as automate key business processes.



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