Digital Transformation Solutions

Help your people work smarter and safer, sustainably, with Digital Transformation – efficient digital technologies that optimise your internal business operations.

Digital Transformation Solutions

In the wake of the hybrid working boom, it’s no surprise that the workplace has become an increasingly digital environment – with the level of competition between businesses rising in tandem.

As a result, a clear divide is growing between businesses who embrace digital transformation, and those who cling to rigid practices – with the latter falling behind on productivity, failing to meeting customer requirements, and, most worryingly, struggling to maintain their document security.

Though relevant to all businesses, digital transformation services are not one-size-fits-all; and will look different depending on the nature of your organisation.

What is Digital Transformation?

So what is the meaning of digital transformation, in a business sense?

Broadly speaking, it refers to introducing technology that enhances processes, operations, and client experience. These can take several forms:

Integrating these digital transformation frameworks into your operations can potentially address many business challenges simultaneously; whether your business falls under the private or public sector.

Why is Digital Transformation so important?

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, digital transformation is everywhere - from retail to manufacturing, from energy to hospitality, from legal to pharmaceuticals – and whatever the nature of your organisation, you cannot afford to be left behind by your competitors.

To ensure you can continue to exist in an increasingly digitised corporate environment, it is imperative that you take a conscious role in your digital transformation strategy – and that means regularly reviewing your operations and identifying areas that can be updated. This will allow you to continually develop a ‘framework’ for digital transformation to continually build upon, to maintain your competitive edge in the modern marketplace.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

But what other challenges can digital transformation address? As those who are continually building their digital framework will know, effectively integrating remote working is just the tip of the iceberg.

For more information on the role of Digital Transformation in business, refer to the 12 Benefits of Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation Case Studies

More than just a buzzword, Digital Transformation has created a number of efficiencies for our clients. Below are some examples:

Acorn Press

Automating processes is now integral to Acorn Press, who use pre-set workflows to produce a wide format of materials through their Production Print machines. With these devices handling high volume jobs with minimal input required, staff can focus on other areas of the business without compromising on quality.
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teacher in class teaching university students

Bromley College

With physical archives nearing capacity, Bromley College had no choice but to digitise their student records. By storing these documents on an Information Management system, staff are now able to easily locate student files on command – and all with the highest standards of document security.
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travis perkins truck

Travis Perkins

While upgrading their tech infrastructure, Travis Perkins opted to include the enhanced security measures of a Cloud Working solution – which allowed them to store confidential documentation safely on the Cloud, whilst also removing 1500 legacy devices from their operations.
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Information Management is central to the internal operations of pharmaceutical company Mexichem, who use it for accounting, invoicing, production recipes, and personnel records – with all authorised employees having access to up-to-date documents with full audit trails.
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cloud storage blue circuitry graphic

Lincoln St. Christopher's School

Rather than rely on their unreliable on-site servers, Lincoln St. Christopher’s School upgraded their print infrastructure to route through a Cloud Working solution – which provides a higher level of online continuity, while also allowing them to streamline their physical print infrastructure.
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Apogee's Service Excellence in Digital Transformation Consulting

As you can see, Digital Transformation creates benefits that no business can afford to ignore – no matter your size, industry, or sector. While solutions will vary significantly depending on the nature of your business, our consultancy team have 30 years of experience working across multiple industries and sectors, and are well-accustomed to crafting solutions to address whatever challenges you may be facing.

But why Apogee? Well, we don't just offer Digital Workplace Solutions – we provide ongoing support for them, too. With a 98% resolution rate for all IT, network, and software service requests from our UK-based helpdesks, Apogee are industry leaders when it comes to Service Excellence – with a client satisfaction rate of 92%.

To learn more about how Digital Transformation can be applied to your business, contact us by using the form below.

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