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My prints have white spots or lines
7 December 2021
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Apogee raises over £4700 for Rethink Mental Illness
5 January 2022

Conversations for Change by Apogee Corporation

An initiative brought to you by Apogee Corporation to highlight and promote important topics.


Conversations for Change by Apogee Corporation

When you think of Apogee Corporation, you think of our expertise and knowledge on all the latest in Managed Workplace Services. While we strive to continue to provide excellence in our knowledge of Managed Workplace Services, the workplace doesn’t begin and end with technology but the people behind it. These are the faces you see each and everyday, the ones that you know, and the ones that you get to know.

At Apogee, we know it’s our workforce that makes your workplace run smoothly, this is why we have undertaken this endeavour, to educate and inform by creating a workplace that is much more than just services.

Throughout this series, we will look at the sociological and environmental intricacies that is oft overlooked in the workplace. We begin this series by supporting LGBTQ+ History Month with an exploration into the history of LGBTQ+ and the people within Apogee who play their part in the LGBTQ+ community, in and out of the workplace.

Our goal is not only to educate you but to drive what Apogee Corporation can do. While at Apogee we aspire to always do more, we know that this is a continual learning experience, come with us on this journey as we delve into these subjects which are close to the hearts of so many.

You can follow the conversation on our Insights page and engage with us on our social media by using #ConversationsForChange.

Much like the services Apogee offers, diversity is paramount to success, and we believe that includes the people that work with us and for us. Learn more about Apogee's ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusivity beyond the month here.


Latest insights

26 September 2023

Apogee Corporation returns to participate in The Great British Beach Clean, removing 49kg of litter from Britain’s beaches

In partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, Apogee volunteers have once again helped to keep the UK’s beaches clean in Kent and Lincolnshire.
18 September 2023

How document automation can deliver great efficiencies whilst improving your customer experience

Providing a successful customer experience relies on your internal operations running as efficiently as possible – which is why it’s vital to ensure your document handling processes are quick and accurate, while also requiring minimal employee resource.

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