Save Paper, Go Green - Change Your Printing Habits to Reduce Office Paper Consumption

Changing your print habits with Apogee's Managed Print Services

Sustainability is a hot topic and it isn’t going to change in the next decade.

As we learn how our progress over the last 50 years has led to a much wider impact than we could all have foreseen, businesses, employees and management are trying to reduce their environmental footprint.

There is still a lot that organisations can do to ensure they have a positive impact on the environment. One way to help is by printing less, and taking steps to ensure their office printing is as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. With this in mind, most organisations shouldn’t be surprised that by taking even small steps to reducing paper usage they can considerably reduce their environmental footprint.

Advances in technology make it easier to use electronic documents without printing them but changing the office habits can be a difficult task. Organisations can start by encouraging employees and championing the change throughout the organisation, promote and share best practices. Making some small changes to the way employee print can help contributing to reducing the organisations impact.

Changing your print habits with Apogee's Managed Print Services

THINK TWICE before pushing the print button

Businesses can extend their sustainability efforts by looking at how they can streamline the printing and document workflows in the organisation.

Why not make 2020 the year to make improvements by reviewing existing managed print services provider and consider a print audit. Organisations may find new ways to improve not only the footprint on the environment but reduce costs.

Start this year with a new print and document strategy so you can reduce your impact on the environment. To find out more about our services please call: 0345 300 9955 or email

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