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19 January 2023
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Lincoln St. Christopher’s School

Enhanced productivity for students & staff as Cloud Print solution improves connectivity


“Printing has an important part to play in the running of a school and supporting the education of every pupil. When things started to go wrong, Apogee and their first class support team stepped in to get us back on track. 

Not only does moving our print management system to the cloud take the pressure off our internal systems, it allows us to manage, monitor and report on all our schools printing without needing to be on site. 

We have worked with Apogee for many years and it’s great to know that there is a friendly, supportive team of printing experts right on our doorstep in Lincoln.”

– Lincoln St Christopher’s School Representative

The Background

The Lincoln St Christopher’s & Lincoln St Francis Schools have been a long term client of Apogee’s, backdating to 2015. The school were predominately a Managed Print Service client with Apogee managing and servicing their fleet of devices throughout the school campuses.

The MPS fleet were programmed with PaperCut Print Management software which helped the schools understand and track their device usage. As well as this, PaperCut gave the schools full visibility over their usage, providing detailed real-time reporting on spending, essentially enabling them to have full control over costs.

Unfortunately, the schools started experiencing on-site server issues where the server would continuously drop out and become ‘offline’. This meant that the PaperCut Print Management software was effectively out of use due to it needing to be connected to the on-site server for it to operate efficiently and effectively.


The Solution

The Lincoln St Christopher’s & Lincoln St Francis’ schools dedicated Apogee Account Manager, assisted by the Professional Services team were able to provide a solution to their on-site server issues. The team offered ‘Apogee Cloud Working’ which enabled the schools to eliminate all their current print infrastructure & server pains by handling all their print in one highly secure Cloud Print solution.

The Cloud Print solution allowed the schools to print documents from any location, both securely and efficiently. Cloud also provides a means for storing confidential data securely, whilst remaining accessible from any device. This was key for The Lincoln St Christopher’s & Lincoln St Francis’ schools as GDPR is of the up-most importance, so the Cloud was able to securely store all confidential documents.


The Outcome

Additionally, detailed reporting was readily available and broken down into users and departments for the school to see where costs were being spent. Their previous scanning requirements were also fulfilled through the Cloud.

By implementing Apogee Cloud Print into their day to day operations, it not only revolutionised the way the schools printed within the organisation by using only one globally accessible pull print queue and one full-featured single driver but also eliminated the need for an on-site server. This meant the schools were able to benefit from streamlined Cloud operations without having any on-site server issues.



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