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19 January 2023
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Lincoln St. Christopher’s School
20 January 2023

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury Hospital was struggling to manage a fleet of over 1000 devices from multiple manufacturers and approached Apogee for help standardising, securing and reducing the costs of their print operation.


“We commenced the programme to replace our managed print service pre Covid-19, contracting with Apogee.

They brought expertise to the table from multiple previous successful implementations of a managed print service.”

– Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust representative

The Background

Salisbury Hospital had an unmanaged fleet consisting of circa. 1,000 devices from four different manufacturers. Up to 50% of these devices were un-networked meaning service delivery could not be fully automated so the trust wanted to put an effective print strategy in place to deliver efficiencies and cost improvements throughout.

One of the key issues faced by the Trust was that management staff were unaware of what was being printed and which devices were on-site as there was no management information available.


The Solution

Following rationalisation, Apogee reduced the Trust’s print fleet to 358 devices. This method of consolidation has enhanced print efficiency by maintaining the required print levels despite using fewer, but more efficient, HP devices.

Each device has been configured with dedicated print trays to pick up feeds from an application used by the Trust for blood forms called T-Quest. The trust, now with less devices, have reduced colour output from 12% to 5% alongside Apogee’s rationalisation strategy, which combined with the implementation of PaperCut print management software, has delivered savings of circa £100k per year.


The Outcome

Apogee were able to safely deliver the roll-out of the Managed Print Service replacement programme, enabling the Trust to operate at it’s best possible level throughout the lockdown restrictions & going forward.

The new MPS implementation was also able to solve one of the trust’s biggest issues of having an unmanaged fleet. The new fleet equipped with PaperCut print management software enabled the trust’s management to view individual printing habits, therefore identifying key print trends and aligning with their overall sustainability goals. These simple, yet key steps saved the trust circa 100K per year.



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