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Apogee has implemented over 5,000 print systems across Europe and manages the complete Managed Service for NTT DATA.


“Apogee has implemented over 5,000 print systems across Europe and manages the complete Managed Service for our client.

We now know that our client can fully rely on their print devices and processes. The whole operation is now much more efficient and accountable.”

– NTT DATA Representative

The Background

NTT DATA’s client was experiencing numerous issues with its print function, with a large number of ageing and failing devices causing disruption and affecting business productivity. The company also found itself with an excess of equipment in place, with the use of desktop printers contributing to inefficiency and excessive running costs.

The unmanaged nature of the company’s printing was also responsible for high wastage and consumable costs. Finally, with no document security, the travel provider needed to have the ability to protect sensitive documents.


The Solution

Apogee immediately undertook a detailed analysis of the client’s printing infrastructure, as well as its document production processes and requirements across its Head Office, retail and airport locations throughout Europe. This enabled Apogee to recommend a tailored strategy for the organisation.

With the aim of rationalising the print environment, Apogee proposed a solution that would provide standardised MFDs and print management software that would improve security and cost visibility.


The Outcome

The travel provider is now enjoying all that comes with having its own scaled managed print solution with reliable, standardised hardware ensuring that disruption is minimised, and document production efficiency is maximised. Coupled with tailored service agreements throughout Europe, the client now has a print infrastructure it can rely on.

Thanks to print management software, print costs are now visible and manageable and as a result have been significantly reduced. Paper usage has also been cut and the company is now benefitting from major enhancements to document security.


  • Rationalised print fleet
  • Greater cost visibility
  • Document production efficiency is maximised
  • Reduced paper usage
  • Serviced across Europe
  • Print audit provided detailed data
  • Standardised fleet
  • Removal of desktop devices
  • One solution one cost


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