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65 days saved in imaging & set-up time through Managed IT Services offering

Imaging Services - 3 HP laptops with Windows 10
The Background

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring employees have the correct IT set-up to perform their role was, and still is critical. The transition to remote working only highlighted this for Stonewall, in that they needed the correct technology to enable their staff to work remotely, as well as being able to be pro-active rather than re-active.

With the majority of Stonewall employees working remotely, and with both IT software and hardware being of high demand throughout the lockdowns, the supply of suitable IT kit was becoming an issue for Stonewall.

Following these issues, Stonewall began to search for a Managed IT Services partner who would be able to offer a professional and cost effective IT service, whilst utilising the latest, most secure hardware and software technologies.

The Solution

After a rigorous bid tender submission, Apogee were able to win the Managed IT Services contract with Stonewall after being up against some big players within the IT world. With Apogee being owned by global technology conglomerate HP, Stonewall had peace of mind that their IT devices were in safe hands.

Following a deep dive, thorough consultation and discovery of Stonewalls IT operations, Apogee then worked in line with the charity to ensure they understood the full scope of works and requirements. Through this, Apogee were able to scope out specific models of laptops which would be of best use to employees of the charity.

A key requirement of implementation was that all hardware was to be delivered to multiple locations, home and office based, pre-configured and pre-imaged with specific applications and software, specific to the user. Apogee were able to leverage this with their dedicated Professional Services team who managed the full life cycle of each individual device which meant they were taken care of from initial set-up and custom imaging to ongoing technical support and end-of-life data sanitisation.

Ensuring data was kept secure throughout was an imperative part of the project, in particular Apogee offered a buy back package of Stonewalls legacy IT equipment enabling a safe and secure removal of all legacy IT devices, giving Stonewall peace of mind that pre-owned devices had been safely and securely disposed of. Any type of cyber security breach is extremely costly to any company so having this element included was pivotal.

The Outcome

Prior to their partnership with Apogee, Stonewall were having to purchase, image, set-up & deliver each individual laptop, whilst disposing of the legacy kit. The imaging set-up alone was taking at least half a day per laptop, meaning valuable time was being lost from the Stonewall IT team in order to do these jobs.

This complete end to end Managed Workplace Solution provided Stonewall with a full life cycle of each laptop, from initial concept to delivery and set-up, as well as full secure disposal of legacy IT equipment, solving many of their existing IT challenges.

The Managed IT Service solution enabled Stonewall to move away from big ticket capital purchases of IT to a smaller monthly subscription, with a lower cost of ownership than capital purchase, and all hardware, software, deployment and support services combined into a single monthly subscription across a three year payment plan. Effectively acting as an extension of their own IT team.

This tailored offering was specific to Stonewalls business needs and helped their organisation achieve lower total cost of ownership, whilst optimising user satisfaction, and freeing up valuable IT time and internal resources to drive business growth.

If we tried to deploy 100 odd laptops pre our Apogee experience, it would have been an issue. Apogee has definitely lightened the load and pressure on myself and our engineer regarding resource time.
– Stonewall Representative
Managed IT Services -  Man using HP laptop
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