Apogee uses Live Chat to maximise online engagement with our clients
Apogee’s Live Chat Maximises Online Engagement Opportunities
8 March 2018
Creme egg on table in office
Apogee’s egg-ceedingly good Easter raffle!
29 March 2018
Apogee uses Live Chat to maximise online engagement with our clients
Apogee’s Live Chat Maximises Online Engagement Opportunities
8 March 2018
Creme egg on table in office
Apogee’s egg-ceedingly good Easter raffle!
29 March 2018

Apogee’s DaaS Device as a Service

Apogee’s DaaS allows companies to flexibly lease a range of devices and pay a set fee for their use and support.


Having the supply, service, and support of your entire multi-platform IT infrastructure handled by a single contract allows companies to offload the complexities and difficulties of managing everything in-house.

DaaS enables organisations to benefit from utilising the latest, most secure hardware and software technologies with all the service and support requirements already established, but without the large scale investment and resource intensive IT demands commonly required.

DaaS could be the answer to today’s dynamic, ever-changing business requirements.

For companies contemplating Apogee’s DaaS business solution, there are many achievable benefits which can help work towards operating at full potential.

Lower and predictable costs

Traditionally, companies tend to purchase computer hardware to cater for an increase in their workforce, often resulting in surplus equipment should the size of their workforce decrease. With the flexibility that DaaS provides, instead of accumulating surplus, expensive equipment, device deployment can easily be scaled up or down as needed to accommodate seasonal workforce changes.

Likewise, as DaaS allows companies to pay with one contract combining everything including hardware, software and managed services with one monthly payment, this allows organisations to more easily manage and predict their IT operating costs. In doing so, organisations can improve cash flow, preserve capital and manage a predictable and consistent technology expense.

Latest hardware and technology

Another major benefit of implementing DaaS is that organisations can leverage the latest hardware and technologies in the marketplace. With IT and related technologies ever changing and improving, companies face the risk of spending large amounts of money on procuring devices which will likely become dated in a few year’s time.

The flexibility of DaaS ensures companies are able to steer away from committing themselves to specific devices, and instead are able to procure the latest and best technologies as part of their contract. Consequently, with access to world-class devices and accessories that perfectly suit their requirements, organisations can maximise their performance and ensure they remain competitive within their industry.

Reduce workload for IT

By outsourcing device procurement and lifecycle management with DaaS, organisations and their IT departments will not need to spend valuable time, money and resources in handling the day-to-day management of PCs, tablets and other devices. Instead, IT managers and employees can focus on their core tasks, safe in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure is being looked after and optimised effectively.


With organisations facing the highest levels of cyber-attacks in both volume and sophistication, it is crucial for organisations to ensure their IT infrastructure is being protected. By monitoring a company’s entire fleet of devices and ensuring they are meeting security regulations at all times, DaaS protects companies against vulnerabilities and delivers complete peace-of-mind.

Apogee’s DaaS

Being Europe’s largest independent provider of Managed Print, document and process technology, and outsourced document services, Apogee’s DaaS has the scalability to optimise the performance of your business and the productivity of your technology and staff, regardless of your business type and size.

Moreover, Apogee’s independence means we are free to choose precisely the right combination of hardware and software for your company’s requirements, without being tied to specific brands and manufacturers.

DaaS in your organisation

Do you currently outsource any part of your IT infrastructure? Are you currently trying to manage the challenges of multi-platform environments and multi-brand IT technology in-house?

DaaS is clearly an attractive proposition for any type and size of organisation. By consolidating and simplifying all IT infrastructure and value-added expertise into one flexible contract with a single-point of contact, organisations looking to maximise their IT efficiency and performance should certainly consider DaaS as a complete IT business solution.

Get in touch today by completing the contact form below to discuss how Apogee can help optimise your organisations requirements.


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