18 September 2023
How document automation can deliver great efficiencies whilst improving your customer experience
Providing a successful customer experience relies on your internal operations running as efficiently as possible – which is why it’s vital to ensure your document handling processes are quick and accurate, while also requiring minimal employee resource.
10 January 2023
Apogee’s Accelerate Your Innovation event will return to Mercedes-Benz World in May 2023
Attendees of Apogee’s Accelerate Your Innovation: Lap 2 event will gain an insight into how the Managed Workplace Services industry can benefit their organisation – in addition to a driving experience on the test track at Mercedes-Benz World.
26 April 2022
Today’s hybrid workforce wants it all – and why not?
As workplaces pick up the pieces of the sudden mass migration to homeworking and start planning towards a hybrid future, they are re-evaluating their relationships with their service providers to reflect changed priorities and needs.
26 March 2021
The Hybrid Workplace is the Future, But What Happens to the Traditional Office Set-up?
In a post-covid world, the ability to create flexible workspaces with scalable, cloud-based technology on a large scale will not just be critical to business strategies, but also crucial to organisational success in aligning with the hybrid workplace model as offices start to re-open in the UK and across the world.
26 February 2021
How the evolution of Cloud Technology has encouraged business change
Throughout the past decade, Cloud technology has evolved significantly and has become a fundamental component in ‘digital transformation’ strategies for many businesses. As 66% of organisations have adopted a Cloud first strategy since 2018 what does that mean for your organisation?