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11 January 2023
12 January 2023


Gazprom needed to upgrade and improve their document and print capabilities. Apogee’s Print Management service was rolled out quickly and efficiently to centralise management and cost control.


The Background

Gazprom needed to upgrade and improve its document production capabilities, and also required a solution that enabled accurate cost allocation across locations and departments.

The client was specifically looking for a supplier who could provide Canon equipment and manage device rollouts to offices in Germany. There was also a need for equipment in the company’s Singapore office.

The company had the main aim of rationalising the fleet and centralising print management and cost control. This would improve efficiency, cost visibility and also reduce waste. They also wanted an agreement which allowed for flexibility.


The Solution

Apogee’s own in house Project Management Office managed the fulfilment of new Canon equipment in both the UK and Germany.

The delivery deadline (2 weeks after signing the contract) imposed by the client resulted in a very tight timescale for rollout and implementation of the Managed Print Service. The Project Management team worked very closely with the relevant members of staff from Gazprom throughout the implementation to ensure the deadline was met.

The German fleet was installed and is directly serviced by staff from our office in Hannover resulting in no communication issues due to the language barrier. During the first seven months of the contract, there were no service calls for the machines in Germany.

With a new print fleet, Gazprom knows it can now rely on its equipment and has the support in place to ensure maximum uptime. Printer support calls the IT helpdesk have significantly reduced as Apogee deliver a better level of service by monitoring the devices remotely.

Secure printing has been introduced to improve security, and Gazprom is also benefitting from a dedicated account management team, bespoke SLAs and national and international service coverage.

Apogee were able to initiate a single contract for Gazprom. Our Managed Service Agreement (MSA) is very flexible so it can evolve with the business and devices and software can be added during the life of the agreement. The MSA Master and Schedule agreement is perfectly suited to Gazprom with its multiple locations as the rollout of new fleets takes place in several phases.


The Outcome


  • Rapid delivery and deployment timescale

  • Apogee staff from German office dealt directly with the Gazprom Germany office rollout

  • Flexible contract allowing for devices and software to be added at a later date

  • Great communication from all areas of the business

  • Less printer support calls to IT helpdesk



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